A Mission Impact Plan (MIP) is a personalized strategy for living out our church’s mission of “Making Christ-like Disciples for Every Moment.” The MIP helps identify specific ways in which an individual or group can contribute to this mission, be it through new initiatives, supporting existing programs, or engaging in external community service.

How to Write an MIP: Your MIP should be thoughtfully considered, reflecting your unique gifts, talents, and opportunities. Consider these three avenues:

  1. New Ideas: Innovate and introduce fresh ways to promote our mission within the church or local community.
  2. Support Existing Programs: Enhance our current ministries by offering your time, skills, or resources.
  3. External Community Engagement: Reach beyond the church walls, spreading Christ’s love in your local community or globally.


Here are a few examples to help you get started.

A-team (Office Work Team): Help with data input for our church family in our database and keep track of those who have not been in church recently.

Care Ministry: Start a care ministry that focuses on maintaining contact with everyone on the church’s Responsibility List. Find ways to encourage them and help them feel like they belong to the church family.

Facilities and Grounds: Volunteer time each month to help maintain or beautify the facilities and grounds

Prayer Team: Partner with local hospitals to offer prayer support for patients and families.

Women’s Ministry: Collaborate with a local women’s shelter, providing mentorship and resources.

Senior Adult Ministry: Organize technology workshops for seniors in community centers or who live alone, helping them connect with loved ones.


Your MIP is a commitment to act, aligning your passions and abilities with the mission of our church. Let’s come together in Making Christ-like Disciples for Every Moment.