School of Prayer

Feb 1, 2024

In Andrew Murray’s “With Christ in the School of Prayer,” we find an invitation to explore the transformative power of prayer. Murray, with insightful clarity, unveils a truth often overlooked: prayer is not just a spiritual discipline for personal edification but a divine calling to partake in Christ’s ongoing intercessory work. As we embark on this journey through the pages of this 31-day devotional based on his book, we are reminded of the vital role that prayer plays in our lives as believers and the immeasurable influence it holds in the kingdom of God.

The heart of Murray’s message resonates with the scriptural promise in John 15:7, which assures us that abiding in Christ empowers us to ask freely in His name, with the expectation of receiving. This profound assurance beckons us to delve deeper into the mystery and privilege of prayer. As Murray eloquently states, to remain in Christ and to ask in His name is to tap into the ultimate achievement of a life dedicated to God – having influence with the Almighty Himself.

Echoing the biblical portrayal of believers as both kings and priests, Murray illuminates the dual nature of our calling: to wield power and to intercede. Just as Christ, our divine Priest-King, continuously intercedes for us, we too are called to mirror His ceaseless prayerful engagement with the Father. This royal and priestly role endows us with the responsibility to intercede effectively for others, wielding our prayer as a powerful tool that can bring about change and blessings both in the heavenly realms and on earth.

Murray’s perspective challenges the often-underestimated role of prayer in the Christian life. He urges us to shift our view of prayer from a mere sustenance of our spiritual life to recognizing it as the foundation and driving force behind all our endeavors for the Kingdom. This book aims to underscore the critical lessons Jesus imparted about prayer, emphasizing the astonishing promises He made about the greater works and abundant fruit we are to bear in His name.

As we read this devotional, let us be inspired by Murray’s conviction that Christ is our life, not only in being and doing but also in praying. The realization that Jesus, who lives to intercede, dwells within us to energize our prayer life, offers a transformative perspective. This understanding releases us from the fear of inadequacy in prayer, inviting us to depend on Christ, who teaches and empowers us to pray effectively.

Through this exploration of prayer, guided by Murray’s insights and Christ’s teachings, may we discover the full extent of our calling as God’s royal priesthood. May we embrace the sacred task of intercession with a newfound confidence and expectancy, fully trusting in the power of our prayers to make a significant impact in the world around us.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!