With Christ in the School of Prayer

Day 30 – The Ministry of Intercession

“A sacred priesthood, meant to present spiritual offerings that God finds pleasing through Jesus Christ.” – 1 Peter 2:5

“You will be called the Lord’s priests.” – Isaiah 61:6

In the heart of every believer lies a calling, one that elevates us to a spiritual priesthood. This concept, deeply rooted in the Scriptures, reveals our noble identity and purpose in Christ. As believers, we are anointed to serve as intermediaries between God and humanity, embodying the ministry of intercession. Just as Christ, our High Priest, intercedes for us, we are called to intercede for others.

Intercession is not merely a task but a sacred vocation, a divine privilege bestowed upon us. It involves a dual focus: towards God in deep communion and towards people in compassionate advocacy. As priests, we draw near to God, offering our prayers and petitions, and then we turn to the world, carrying His grace and blessings.

This priestly role demands a life of holiness and dedication. The Old Testament priests, with their special garments and strict purity laws, symbolize our spiritual calling. We are to be set apart, our lives marked by a holy distinction. This separation is not just from the world’s impurities but a wholehearted devotion to God’s will.

As New Testament priests, our consecration involves a personal acceptance and realization of our sacred role. We share in Christ’s priestly anointing, but this requires a conscious commitment to embrace and live out this calling.

The process of becoming a true priest involves a deep cleansing and sanctification, symbolized in the Old Testament by the anointing of Aaron and his sons. For us, this translates into an experience of Christ’s redeeming blood and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. These divine elements cleanse us, equip us, and instill in us a priestly spirit, passionate for God’s glory and the salvation of souls.

Our priestly ministry is characterized by intercessory prayer. This is not a casual or occasional task but a dedicated, persistent engagement in prayer. In this holy endeavor, we bring before God the needs, pains, and sins of the world, pleading for His mercy and grace. We become conduits of His love, agents of His healing power.

Word in Action

Embrace your priestly calling by dedicating time each day for intercessory prayer. Choose a specific person, community, or global issue, and commit to praying for it regularly. Let this act of intercession be a reflection of your love for God and your compassion for others.

Wonder in the Word

Reflect on your life as a believer. In what ways are you living out your priestly calling of intercession? How can you deepen your commitment to this sacred ministry?