With Christ in the School of Prayer

Day 27 – Christ the High Priest

“Father, I desire that those you have given me be with me where I am.” — John 17:24.

In the quiet moments of His final hours, Jesus, our High Priest, offered a prayer that teaches us divine intercession. In John 17:24, He expresses a desire for His followers to be with Him, revealing the depth of His love and the purpose of His mission.

Jesus, in His role as the High Priest, shows us the power of prayer rooted in selfless love and divine purpose. He begins His prayer by seeking glorification, not for vain reasons, but to glorify the Father. This teaches us the first lesson in our prayer journey: when we pray in Jesus’ name, our prayers align with the will of God, focusing on His glory rather than our desires.

As He continues, Jesus prays for His disciples, demonstrating the importance of intercession for those entrusted to our care. Whether as parents, pastors, or friends, our prayers should be personal, specific, and rooted in the desire for others to receive and live by God’s Word. This intercession is a sacred responsibility, calling us to pray for protection and sanctification of those in our circle.

But Jesus’ prayer doesn’t stop with His immediate followers. He extends His intercessory prayer to all believers throughout history, highlighting the expansive nature of God’s love. His request for unity among believers serves as a testament to the world about the nature of His mission.

As disciples of Christ, we are called to emulate this expansive, selfless intercession. Our prayers should not be confined to our immediate circle but should extend to the universal Church, praying for unity and love that reflect Christ’s nature.

In His prayer, Jesus confidently declares, “Father, I desire.” This reflects His absolute trust in the Father and His understanding of His divine mission. We too are invited to express our desires in Jesus’ name, understanding that when we are in union with Christ, our prayers align with God’s will.

This lesson in the school of prayer challenges us to embrace our role as intercessors, following Christ’s example. We are called to pray with a focus on God’s glory, intercede for those in our care, and extend our prayers to the broader Church. Our prayers, rooted in Christ’s example, become powerful instruments of God’s will.

Word in Action

Reflect on your prayer life. Are your prayers aligned with God’s will and focused on His glory? Spend time praying for those in your immediate circle, asking for their protection and sanctification. Extend your prayers to the broader Church, seeking unity and love that testify to Christ’s mission.

Wonder in the Word

How does understanding Jesus as our High Priest change your approach to prayer, especially in terms of intercession for others and aligning your desires with God’s will?