With Christ in the School of Prayer

Day 18 – Prayer in Harmony with the Destiny of People

“He asked them, “Whose picture and inscription is this?” – Matthew 21:20.

And God said, “Let’s make humans in our image, resembling us.” – Genesis 1:26.

In the dialogue of Matthew 21:20, Jesus navigates the treacherous waters of theological and political controversy with a simple yet pointed question about identity and ownership. This narrative echoes a deeper truth about humanity itself, intricately woven into the fabric of our being by the Creator. We, as humans, are made in the image of God, a concept that shapes our purpose and destiny.

The divine image imprinted on our being is not merely a symbolic representation; it is a call to action, a directive that aligns our lives with the will of God. This intrinsic likeness to God elevates our purpose, making us co-creators with Him in shaping the world. Prayer, in this context, becomes not just a means of communication with the divine but an instrument of transformation, aligning our will with God’s and impacting the world around us.

However, the fall of humanity has obscured this divine image, leading us away from our intended purpose. Yet, through redemption, a path is illuminated for us to return to our original destiny. In this redemption, prayer becomes a beacon of hope, a powerful tool that reconnects us with our Creator and realigns our desires with His eternal plan.

In the biblical narrative, figures like Abraham exemplify the impact of prayer aligned with God’s will. His intercessions reveal a deep understanding of his role as a steward of God’s creation, using prayer as a means to exercise divine authority and influence the course of events. This is the purpose of our calling as Christians: to be prophets, priests, and kings in this world, mediating God’s will and dispensing His blessings.

Christ, the second Adam, restores this broken image. In Him, we find our identity and purpose renewed, enabling us to wield the authority given to us at creation. As members of Christ’s body, the Church, we are called to embrace this identity, stepping into our roles as stewards of God’s creation. Our prayers, therefore, are not mere petitions but declarations of God’s will on Earth, shaping the course of history.

Word in Action

Embrace your God-given identity and authority as a steward of His creation. Begin by dedicating time each day to prayer, not just for personal needs, but for the world around you. Let your prayers reflect God’s will and purpose, seeking to bring His kingdom to Earth.

Wonder in the Word

How can you align your daily prayers more closely with the purpose and destiny that God has ordained for you as His image-bearer on Earth?