With Christ in the School of Prayer

Day 11 – The Faith that Takes

“So I tell you, when you pray for anything, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24

In this statement, Jesus opens our eyes to the magnitude of faith in prayer. The essence of faith transcends mere belief in God’s word; it’s akin to a spiritual ear that hears His declarations and an eye that beholds His actions. Such faith makes receiving answers from God an inevitable outcome. The key lies in our belief – to trust we’ve already received what we have prayed for, and in this faith, God’s promises unfold in reality.

Solomon’s prayer in 2 Chronicles 6:4 illustrates the joy in worshiping a God whose actions align perfectly with His words. This alignment is the cornerstone of all true prayer. It’s in embracing Jesus’ promise that we understand the divine intricacy of each word. When Jesus says, “when you pray for anything,” it’s not a casual remark but a profound invitation to trust in limitless possibilities. He reiterates this concept in other scriptures, emphasizing the boundless nature of faith.

Our human tendency is to attach conditions to this promise, perhaps to make it more comprehensible. But in doing so, we risk diluting the potent message Christ imparts. His promise is a literal truth, reflecting the immense power of faith and the extent of authority He endows upon His followers. This unconditioned “anything” becomes the nourishment for our faith.

Understanding God’s will is essential before believing, as belief springs from a soul surrendered to the Word and Spirit. Once we believe, no obstacle can stand in the way. Therefore, let us not confine God’s “anything” to our limited understanding but embrace Christ’s “all things” as the standard for our faith.

Prayer is the arena where faith is both required and nurtured. In prayer, we engage in intimate dialogue with the Savior, where our faith stretches to grasp what seemed unreachable. In this sacred space our desires align with God’s will, and our motives are purified. Prayer becomes a transformative experience, a classroom where Jesus teaches us faith.

Jesus’ words, “Believe that you have received,” stress the importance of confidence in prayer. He encourages us to believe that we receive precisely what we ask for. This faith is not about vague hopes but about specific petitions. It’s in this specific prayer of faith that we find assurance in God’s promises.

“And it will be yours.” These words bridge the gap between heavenly promise and earthly experience. Faith and patience work hand in hand to manifest God’s promises. Continuous prayer and praise become the conduit through which spiritual blessings transform into physical realities.

Remember, it is Jesus Himself who offers these teachings. His life on earth exemplified a life of faith and prayer, and what He taught is not just for His disciples but for all believers. The faith He speaks of is accessible to every child of God. Let us embrace these teachings with a renewed spirit, trusting in His word and believing in the power of faith.

Word in Action

Today, let us take a moment to reflect on our prayer life. Are we limiting God’s promises with our doubts and conditions? Let us approach God with a heart full of faith, truly believing in His power to fulfill His word. Begin by praying for something specific, believing in your heart that you have already received it, and watch as your faith grows and transforms your prayer life.

Wonder in the Word

How does understanding Jesus’ teaching on faith in prayer change your approach to bringing your desires and needs before God? Reflect on how you can deepen your trust in God’s promises through prayer.