“Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!”

Dec 30, 2023

Dear Friends and Family of Alex Nazarene,

As we gather together, both in spirit and in fellowship, it’s essential to pause and reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve embarked upon as a congregation. In 2021, we celebrated a monumental milestone – our church’s 100-year anniversary. This centennial year wasn’t just about marking a century of existence; it was a celebration of being “friends who feel like family.” We reminisced about our significant impact on the community and reaffirmed our commitment to our core values: prayer, generosity, teamwork, and community. It was a year of gratitude, looking back at the faith and fellowship that have woven the rich tapestry of our church history.

In 2022, we embraced the theme “At the Table,” signifying a deepening of our bonds and a commitment to building relationships. This theme was more than a metaphor; it was a call to action, urging us to gather around the table, in the true spirit of togetherness. We focused on nurturing our small groups and living out our core behaviors of Pray, Give Generously, Choose Community, and Join the Mission. It was a year where every meal, every conversation, and every shared moment became an opportunity to strengthen our bonds and grow together in faith and fellowship.

As we moved into 2023, our theme “Jesus Christ Is Lord.” took center stage. This theme was a powerful reminder of the foundation of our faith and the cornerstone of our beliefs. Throughout the year, we continued to live out our core behaviors, with each action and decision rooted in the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. It was a year of deep spiritual growth, where our collective and individual faith journeys were centered around the profound truth of His Lordship over our lives.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to announce our new theme: “Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!” This theme carries a three-fold focus that resonates with the core of our Christian faith. Firstly, it’s a prayer for Jesus to come into our lives as individuals, reviving our passion for the Good News. Secondly, we seek His presence in our church, to revive our collective passion for the Good News and His mission. And thirdly, we earnestly pray for His physical return to Earth, the establishment of His Kingdom, and the restoration of all creation. It’s a theme that encapsulates hope, anticipation, and a deep longing for the fulfillment of God’s promises.

As we journey together, let us remember that each step we take is not just a passage in time but a part of a greater story – our story as a church, as a community, and as a family in Christ. Together, let’s continue looking forward to the glorious day when we can proclaim, “Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!”