Standing Firm in Fearful Times

Delivered From All Fears

Sep 15, 2023

“I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4, NIV)

Fear can be an overwhelming force in our lives. It can cause us to freeze, run, or even make irrational decisions. But when we turn to God in the midst of our fears, we discover a source of comfort and strength that is greater than any fear we may face.

In this verse, the psalmist recounts a personal experience of deliverance. He sought the Lord in his fear, and the Lord answered him. But the psalmist doesn’t just say that God helped him manage his fear or merely cope with it. He testifies that God delivered him from all his fears. This implies a total and complete rescue, a freedom from the oppressive power of fear.

What does it mean to seek the Lord? It means turning to Him, focusing our minds and hearts on Him, crying out to Him in prayer, studying His Word to know Him better, and seeking His presence in our lives. It’s about realizing that our own strength and wisdom are insufficient and acknowledging our need for God.

When we truly seek the Lord, we encounter Him as He is: our loving Father, our mighty Savior, our steadfast Friend. As we focus on God’s character and promises, we realize that He is greater than any fear. And as we give our fears to Him, He delivers us, setting us free to live in faith, not fear.

No matter what you’re afraid of, you can bring it to the Lord. Seek Him, trust Him, and let Him deliver you from your fears.

Wonder in the Word

What fears are you currently facing? How can seeking the Lord help you to experience His deliverance from those fears?