Unshaken Devotional

Sep 1, 2023

Dear Church Family,

As we embark on this journey of diving deep into God’s Word, I am grateful to present you with this series of devotionals that have been carefully and thoughtfully compiled to accompany our sermon series: “Unshakeable: Standing Firm in Fearful Times.” These devotionals are meant to augment our understanding of the Scriptures and help us to apply God’s truth to our everyday lives in regards to fear, worry, and anxiety.

Each devotional comes with a scriptural passage, a reflective explanation to guide our understanding, and a question meant to encourage deeper personal reflection and application. I hope these tools serve not only to enhance our individual walk with the Lord, but also to foster a sense of community as we share in these reflections and grow together.

As you navigate through these devotionals, I pray that they help you draw closer to God, unearth His promises for you, and equip you to live a fearless life anchored in faith.