Standing Firm in Fearful Times

Overflowing with Hope

Aug 25, 2023

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13, NIV)

This verse serves as a wonderful reminder that God is the source of our hope. In the midst of worry and fear, we need to fix our eyes on Him. As we trust in Him, He fills us with all joy and peace.

The word ‘overflow’ paints a beautiful picture. It implies a surplus, an abundance, more than enough. This means our hope is not scant or deficient. It’s not a tiny sliver of light in a world of darkness. Rather, our hope is vibrant, robust, and effervescent, not because of who we are, but because of who God is. It overflows from us, impacting the world around us.

We need to remind ourselves of this truth: our hope comes from God and is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s not something we muster up ourselves. It’s not dependent on our circumstances. Our circumstances may change, but God does not. Therefore, our hope is secure.

Yet, there’s an essential requirement: trust. As we trust in God, He fills us with joy and peace. Trusting God is the conduit through which His hope flows into our lives. It’s a decision we make, a posture we adopt, and it’s something we have to practice daily, especially in times of fear and worry.

God’s desire is for us to overflow with hope. Regardless of what we’re facing, we can stand firm because of the hope that is in us. And this hope is attractive, contagious even. It overflows from us to others, becoming a beacon of light in a world often shrouded in fear.

Wonder in the Word

What does it look like for you to trust God in your current situation? How can you allow His hope to overflow from you to others?